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Детские товары от производителя. Оптом и в розницу

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Bambi, the wholesale company of children's clothes and knitted fabric, was created in Volgograd in 2008.







Bambi is one of the companies in the group VCTM Ltd., the leader on the Volgograd textile market since 1996.

Bambi is a result of the strategic plans made by VCTM Ltd. team: to create an independent structural division of knitted goods sales and to make it a priority.

The basic assortment of Bambi:

·         Clothes for kids from 0 to 2 years;

·         Clothes for preschool children from 3 to 6 years;

·         Clothes for children from 7 to 14 years.

Alongside with children's clothes the company has lines of female and male clothes, and also nightwear and leisure wear.

The Bambi goods respond the needs of consumers with various income levels, but we guarantee high quality for our entire assortment.

Selecting the assortment we follow the fashion trends and consumers’ wishes and we wish each product to bring pleasure and positive emotions to the consumers.

We want a child to feel comfortable in our clothes while he or she discovers the world.

For years of work in this business we have created a client base that was formed day by day thanks to the advertency to each client. As a result the cooperation grew into long-term mutually advantageous relations.

We are proud of our constant clients working with us from the beginning of this company division.

We aspire to provide our clients with the first-class service to make the feel really happy. We wish our client return to us again and again and recommend us to the others.

We offer a following complex of services to all our clients:

·         A personal manager for constant clients

·         Reservation of the goods by phone

·         Execution of orders of any volume in an agreed period of time and transportation of the orders to the customer’s warehouse

·         Our sales representative can organize a demonstration of the assortment for the new client

·         Organization of promotion actions and presentations

·         Supplying shops with promotional materials

·         Various variants of payment including payment by installments

  • Effective discount system



400119, Russia, Volgograd, Lva Tolstogo St. 1a

400074, Russia, Volgograd, Kozlovskaya St., 58

Ph. +7 (8442) 959009

E-mail bamby2008@mail.ru